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Classic Rock Magazine

Classic Rock magazine is published every month and it offers insight into the bands, and other names, behind some of the biggest rock bands and rock musicians in the industry. Although the musicians are the ones that typically take the limelight, the magazine also provides articles and features on some of the producers, album artists, and other professionals that also work hard to ensure that the bandís dream of the perfect album or ideal tour is realised. Subscribe today, and you can receive your monthly dose of news and information on bands ranging from the Foo Fighters to Marilyn Manson directly to your door every month.

The Musicians

From the likes of Dave Grohl to Chris Cornell, Jimi Hendrix and James Hetfield, you can catch up on the actions and the latest performances of some of the greatest rock musicians of yesteryear, as well as those that are still rocking out today. The magazine covers virtually all sub-genres of rock, although the more extreme tastes tends to be better covered by the more extreme magazines. However, you will still find articles on the likes of Slipknot and Metallica, so if it has guitars and itís considered rock, you can read about it in Classic Rock magazine.

The Music

Reading about the lives of the musicians is intriguing and interests, but in reality, it is the music that most of us care about the most. Want to know how the new Queen line-up compares to the original? Wondering whether the new Soundgarden album will bring back fond memories or leave you hankering after the good old days of rock? The reviews and news section of the magazine will offer all of this information and more to ensure that you have access to the information you need when buying music.

The Rest

The best albums and the best tours require more than just the musicians, no matter what the lead guitarist and singer (and occasionally, the drummer) will tell you. Producers, editors, sound mixers, backing singers, set designers, effects experts, and album artists, are just some of the professional talent that is required to help ensure the greatest level of success for a band, no matter what they do, and some of the features in Classic Rock expose the secrets behind these, as well as other important names in the business.

Other Features

Classic Rock is fun, and often takes a light hearted view of the music and musicians that it reviews and reports on. Many of the features represent this, with feature articles having included a list of the most ludicrous guitars in the business among many others. There is a good selection of varied topics to ensure that the reader doesnít get bored of picking through the same type of content every issue.

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