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Classics Magazine

Classics Magazine is a monthly publication that includes a number of restoration and renovation projects, at varying stages, in every monthly issue. The magazine aims to include projects that are best suited to beginners, as well as those that should be attempted by seasoned professionals. There is also a selection of different styles of vehicle, so as well as classic sports cars, you can find everything from family saloons to iconic run around models, and even the occasional light commercial vehicle.

The Magazine

The magazine also has technical guides, that give precise details on tackling a specific problem within a car, rather than a whole renovation project, and you can find details on some of the upcoming shows, auctions, and sales, that will feature the types of car that you might be interested in. Whether you just enjoy looking, you’re an avid restorer, or you buy and sell renovated cars, you can find a wealth of useful and appealing news and features all inside the monthly Classics publication. By subscribing, you can also ensure that you never miss out on the information inside a single issue.

Restoration Projects

Every monthly issue of Classics magazine includes a number of restoration projects, at varying stages of completion. As one classic car, which can range from the Triumph Stag to a classic Mini, is completed, the magazine writers and staff take on another project and include details of every step of the process, as well as in-depth photos and additional information that could help people taking on similar projects.

Tech Guides

While the restoration projects see whole cars being restored in a series of articles, the tech guides are more specific guides. A guide typically lasts for a single issue, and it may explain how to upgrade the brakes on a particular make of car, or how to clear flooded footwells in a classic Jaguar. Many readers save the tech guides section for future use, because you never know when your new project may require the specific attention required.

Events And Shows

Classic car buyers and enthusiasts have many opportunities to show off their own cars, as well as to visit and look at other peoples’ incredible work. Classic car shows, meets, and rally events are staged throughout the year, and across the country, and there are both indoor and outdoor events that take place too. By keeping track of what is happening and when, you can set a particular target for completing your own project, or you can simply make sure that you attend some of the most high profile events with the best looking and most relevant vehicles for your tastes.

Subscribe To Classics

Classics Magazine also includes a range of other content, as well as informative and beneficial photos and images. By subscribing, you will receive every issue before it hits shelves in newsagents and supermarkets, and you can enjoy a discount against the cover price of the magazine. Every month, you will receive the latest issue of Classics delivered directly to your home.


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