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Combat Aircraft Magazine

Combat Aircraft Magazine is described as being the most popular combat aircraft magazine in the world. It is published and available every month, and it includes news stories on military and fighting aircraft of all types and from all countries across the world. It includes guides to the different types of aircraft that make up air force fleets, as well as details of how aircraft have been used to help win wars, to protect territories, and to defend nations.

There are also combat reports, which offer very specific details on how the different combat planes and aircraft are being used in conflicts around the world right now, and there are historical reports of some of the best known, as well as some of the forgotten and lesser known aircraft, that have been deployed for a variety of military and combat purposes. The cutting edge technologies utilised in aerospace manufacture are also discussed, giving you a complete picture of the aerospace industry. Subscribe to enjoy access to all of this information, and to ensure that you never miss out on a single page of the high quality reporting and the great looking, high resolution photos.


The aerospace industry is one of the fastest moving industries, both literally and figuratively. New units are commissioned regularly, while the upgrades and improvements that are often kept a highly guarded secret offer the opportunity to opine and speculate. The news section of the magazine provides news from the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world to give a well-rounded and up-to-date report from the front lines.

The Industry

While the magazine is popular with military and aircraft enthusiasts, it is also read by professionals from within the aerospace industry, and professionals that deal with the aerospace industry on a regular basis. Find information on some of the latest commissions, the most recently agreed or completed projects, and more details that are relevant to the aerospace industry as a whole.

Combat Reports

The combat reports section of Combat Aircraft magazine provide an insight into the modern day use of military aircraft. You can read combat reports from active conflict zones including specific information on how the aircraft, aeroplanes, and other forms of craft are used to help resolve conflict.

Glory Days

Air superiority can give any force the upper hand, and wars can be worn and lost from the skies. What’s more, aircraft can offer the capability to be able to map, plan, and formulate strategy without having to put forces in immediate danger. Conflicts of the past have thrown up some of the most iconic military aircraft, many of which are still in operation either in their original or modified formats, today. Read about some of the models of aircraft that have formed the modern aerospace industry and the planes that we see in the sky over military conflicts today.

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