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Computer Arts magazine is the best tutorial magazine for graphic designers from around the world. Computer Arts magazine, published from Future Publishing Limited provides simple, step by step instructions on using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and all the graphics and animation software programs. The design projects come with illustrative step by step guides and you will enjoy following the instructions and mastering new skills. Graphic designers and computer arts experts from around the world share their knowledge and expertise on all the different tools, techniques and practices.

Extensive Tutorials

The tutorials are written in simple language and the steps are written using illustrative language, making it easier for even non-English speakers to easily understand the steps and to master the skills. The extremely simple language and the most comprehensive tutorials make sure you quickly acquire the skills. There are separate projects for 2D, Photoshop, 3D, animation, etc. Sample projects like 'how to create a tree with illustrator' and 'setting up a Flash MP3 interface' for a music website, etc are a sampling of what you get from the magazine.

Software & Book Reviews

Computer Arts magazine comes with reviews of popular and not so popular software programs. The magazine also reviews books and guides aimed at graphic artists. The reviews tell you what you can expect while purchasing software or while trusting a guidebook. All the different software programs – ranging from Photoshop to Maya are reviewed. Critical reviews also appear while a new version of the program is available.

Interviews and Artist Profiles

Read what the well known designers have to tell about their career, the tools they use and about the general market scenario. You will also find advice by successful designers, guiding you through the different stages of career development. Read insightful thoughts and move your career forward on a confident note.

Cover Disc

The cover CD of Computer Arts magazine comes with fonts and royalty free music, videos and images, which you can use for your projects. You will also find sample and full version software, which gives you a chance to try the programs before you purchase them. Every issue of the magazine comes with some nice software or graphics, flash, mp3 music, etc.

Tips & Techniques

Learn the simple techniques that graphics developers use on a regular basis and apply them to your own works. See what immediate benefits the expert developers can bring to your projects.

Computer Arts Magazine –the Magazine of Choice for Graphics Developers

If you are in the industry of graphics designing and if you want to learn the techniques that successful developers use on a regular basis, you ought to read this magazine on a regular basis. With the finest guides to using software of all kinds, you will definitely gain a lot from this magazine. The cover-mount CD also has some fine resources that you can immediately use. Subscribe to this magazine and make sure your graphics designing and computer arts career goes in the right direction.


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