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Converting Today Magazine

Converting Today Magazine is a monthly publication that is geared to the converting industry, offering news and features not only from the UK and Europe but from the rest of the world. By keeping on top of the latest global news and trends, you can ensure that your business is at the very fore of the industry, or you can use the opportunity to help advance your own career within the competitive industry. Read about the technology, the uses, and the market and industries associated with converting. Read reviews of the latest machinery, software, and equipment to help you choose the most appropriate for your business. Read features and commentary from professionals within the converting industry and from within related industries.

The Magazine

By subscribing to the monthly Converting Today magazine, you can read all of this information and much more, have every issue delivered to your home or office address, and you can enjoy a saving when compared to the cover price of the magazine. Ensure that you never miss out on relevant and beneficial information by subscribing today.


The converting industry is a broad industry, and it covers everything from packaging to printing, but all of these areas are linked. If your business covers one area of the industry, then it needs to be ahead of the game in other areas too. The news articles found within the pages of Converting Today magazine cover all aspects of the converting industry, offer insightful information that is directly relevant to your business, and typically include commentary and analysis that can help to further broaden and expand on your knowledge.


Whether you embark on network marketing, or you attend events like seminars and exhibitions to access the latest products and pertinent launches, you will need to know when and where the most relevant events take place. Converting Today Magazine not only gives you time and dates, but it provides details of some of the biggest events so you can determine which are worth your time, and which you should avoid.

Products And Buyer’s Guides

The machinery and products utilised within the converting industry make up a big part of the business. Printers that work faster and cost less per square inch are those that can reap the greatest rewards, while a carton folding machine that completes the complex folding that your business demands can prove essential. Converting Today not only provides news of the latest machinery and relevant software and other technological releases, but also provides buyers’ guides, tips to ensure that you choose the best and most appropriate machinery, and advice on how to get all of the best equipment for your processes.

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Converting Today magazine is an essential publication for any business or professional within the converting industry. If you are looking to advance your career, or find a business to partner with, you need look no further, or if you want to stay ahead of the latest changes and advances in the industry, a subscription to the magazine will help ensure that you do not miss out on any of the most important and relevant information.


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