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Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan magazine is one of the most popular womenís monthly magazines in the world. Published in nearly 40 different language editions, it is available in a convenient handbag sized design and it provides insightful and informative articles on everything from relationships and health to gossip and real life stories. Often referred to by the shortened name of Cosmo, the magazine has everything from the world of fashion, hair, and make-up as well, and it has become such a popularly read magazine, that a Cosmo parlance has even been developed.

The Magazine

Whether you want something to enjoy while youíre having your hair done, while youíre on your lunch break at work, or to pore over when you get home, the convenient size and the high quality content of the writing and photography means that Cosmo is the ideal choice for you, if you are interested in health and beauty, exercise, and diet and guidance. There are celebrity news stories and gossip stories, but these do not make up the majority of the magazine, where you will also find competitions, giveaways, details of the latest fashion events and trends, and even holiday reviews.

Subscribing means you will receive every issue as soon as it is published, and usually before it hits shelves in the shops, and it means that you will be able to enjoy all of this content delivered directly to your door and at reduced prices when compared to paying for every issue of the magazine separately.


The fashion section of Cosmopolitan magazine includes details on the latest shows and the most popular trends, and it offers high street fashion as well. Regular pieces include details on how to achieve similar looks to some of the latest trends but without having to pay designer prices. Whether you enjoy finding the best professional suit, or something to wow at a weekend, you will find inspiration inside every issue of the magazine.


Of course, no matter how attractive the clothes, if you canít accessories and if you canít get the makeup right, then it wonít matter. Cosmo also includes a beauty section, which gives information and details on how to get the best looking figure and how to enhance the natural beauty that you have. Diet and healthy eating are typically included in this section, so that you can still eat well but without it affecting your figure.

Sex And Relationships

A large section of the magazine is given over to answering readerís questions on a host of different topics, and many of these questions tend to be led by advice on relationships and sex. There are articles on technique, but there are also guides on how to make the most of your relationship with your husband or partner. Plus, if you really need advice, then you can write in with your own question.

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