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Country Homes And Interiors Magazine

Country Homes and Interiors magazine is a monthly magazine that provides tours, decorating ideas, and tips on how to achieve beautiful and attractive looking country home interiors.

The Magazine

The magazine offers high quality images and written descriptions of some of the best looking interiors from country homes across the UK, while offering tips on how to achieve a similar look. Buying and shopping guides are included, in order to provide the reader with a step-by-step guide on how to decorate and renovate without having to break the bank, and without having to scour the world for original, period style features. By subscribing to Country Homes and Interiors magazine, you can enjoy monthly instruction on achieving the best looking finish in your home.

Country Home Living

Achieving the country home look is only part of the battle once you have the ideal home, you also need to achieve the lifestyle that goes with it. The magazine offers monthly insight into country living and includes recipes, details of events and days out in your area, and providing some tips on how to achieve certain looks and certain styles in the home without having to buy brand new items every time.

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