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Cross Stitch Gold magazine is hobby magazine, coming with loads of original patterns, ideas and complete projects. Every issue of Cross Stitch Gold magazine is a celebration of ideas, advice, regular features and comes with reviews of finished work. The magazine is about practical advice on stitching and everything about giving your work the finishing touches. All the features and guides in the magazine are truly worthy of the time and you will enjoy reading the book and following the instructions. Cross Stitch Gold magazine is published by Origin Publishing Ltd.

Creative Projects Do Them All, Have Fun and Be Rewarded

Cross Stitch Gold magazine gives you extensive projects like tea time teddy bears, feathers & flowers, red roses and a whole lot of ideas which you can creatively use to enrich your hobby. Every issue has finest cross stitching projects, which make great gifts, nice greeting cards, and more. The projects are mainly for card size and you have plenty of creative ideas. You get nice variety of projects, featuring lovable animals, flowers and signs of seasons. A special creation for the Christmas and a special card for birthday - Cross Stitch Gold magazine has got it all.

Expert Advice: Learn from What Masters Say

Cross Stitch Gold magazine comes with extensive advice and guidance by experts. You will benefit from the expert advice they provide. You will get advice on selection of fabrics, inspirational real life stories and simple tips that make your job easier.

Competitions: Enter the Contests and Win Prizes You Love

Cross Stitch Gold magazine also comes with some nice competitions, which are easy to enter and good to win. Win cross stitch supply, charts, and other unique products that will further increase the enjoyment of your hobby. The prizes are guaranteed and winning is always nice. There are more than a dozen of prizes for the same competition more chances per issue.

Buyer Guides: Find Where You Can Find Exciting Products

Cross Stitch Gold magazine also tells you where to look for, when it comes to the materials and stitching equipment. You will also get the best product guidance. You get a listing of internet websites and local stores where you can find the supplies. With Cross Stitch Gold magazine, you know you have the best choices for sourcing your materials.

Personal Profiles: Read What Long Time Stitching Enthusiasts and Award Winners Have to Say

Cross Stitch Gold magazine also comes with quite a number of personal profiles, which give you inspiration, tips and advice. Read them closely, you get tips, techniques and the best advice you can get.

Cross Stitch Gold Magazine: the Best Read for Stitching Enthusiasts

While you look for creative patterns, inspiring ideas and the very best of product advice, make sure you subscribe to Cross Stitch Gold magazine. With this magazine, you know you are never short of ideas, whatever the occasion is.


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