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Cycling Plus Magazine

Cycling Plus magazine is a monthly publication that offers everything the avid cycling fan could wish for. It includes information on the latest cycling events and biggest races, as well as guides and gear reviews that will prove invaluable to the reader that loves to get out and cycle themselves.

The Magazine

A subscription offers access to 13 issues a year, and it provides a discount compared to full price and delivery directly to your door before the magazine hits shelves. Ideal for the keen cyclist enthusiast, or as a gift for somebody close to you that loves getting in the saddle.


One of the key features of Cycling Plus magazine is that it offers routes to ride across the UK and the rest of Europe. If you enjoy getting out and taking on new challenges then this section provides everything you need from the level of difficulty for a particular ride to the best time of year to take a specific route on.


You can also read reviews of the latest bikes, gear, and other equipment. Reviews are written by keen cyclists, ensuring that you receive an unbiased and objective review and helping to ensure that you choose the best gear for your preferred style of cycling.

Health And Fitness

There are many reasons why people choose to cycle, and one of the key benefits of getting on your bike is that it offers a healthier way to get around, and ensure that you stay fit and healthy. Cycling Plus provides guides and information on nutrition, diet, and exercise that will help you towards your cycling goals.

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