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Eventing Magazine

Eventing magazine is a monthly publication that deals with all aspects of horse trials, including information on the horses that are competing, the events in which they’re competing, and even tips and guides on how you can improve your own eventing. As well as news articles on the latest and most relevant pieces, you can also enjoy access to features from experienced eventers, breeders, and product manufacturers.

The Magazine

Interviews, profiles, and results are also among the content that Eventing Magazine subscribers enjoy. By subscribing to Eventing, you can enjoy access to all of this information and more, delivered directly to your door every single month, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of the information and that you receive the magazine as soon as it is published.

Competition News

Every issue of the magazine includes breeding news, details of horses and riders, and other pertinent information that is relevant to fans and horse trial competitors. Special issues of the magazine are released each year, offering a more in-depth look at competitors that are set to take part in the coming year, so that you can enjoy even more in-depth knowledge.

Event News And Results

Whether your love of eventing is based on your own horse riding experience, you enjoy watching some of the best in the world compete, or you have a professional interest in upcoming competitions, Eventing provides details of the competitions that are set to take place around the country while also providing results and details from some of the most recent.

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Subscribe to Eventing Magazine to enjoy access to a wide range of informative, useful, and beneficial content on the topic of horse trials. Whether you’re a regular eventer, you service those that take part in trials, or you love to watch, you can enjoy the benefits of subscribing, including having the magazine delivered directly to your door.


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