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Ford has developed a reputation for manufacturing and building high quality cars of all types, and since the launch of models like the Escort RS Turbo and the Sierra Cosworth, they have developed a reputation for producing fast cars. What’s more, they have become popular with owners that love to modify and improve on the look, the speed, and the overall performance of the cars. Fast Ford magazine offers a monthly insight into the latest launches, some of the greatest modifications, and even upcoming events that Ford modders and owners will love.

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Fords For Sale

Whether you are looking to buy your first fast Ford, or you are a seasoned owner and modifier, Fast Ford magazine includes an extensive selection of Fords for sale, so that you can find your next project or sell your car to finance the purchase of another.

Modifications And Events

Fast Fords have proven very popular for modification and tuning. They offer a base that is already designed for high speed and performance, and there is a huge supply of aftermarket parts, so that you can change the look, the feel, and the overall performance of the vehicle. Fast Ford includes reviews of parts, as well as details of events, and it also includes photos and details of modified cars owned by other readers.

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