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Flex Magazine

Flex Magazine is a monthly publication that is dedicated to the competitive world of bodybuilding, and it includes pieces ranging from the latest news stories and competition results to guides and information to help competitors achieve the best results possible. Whether you are looking to increase the amount you lift, or you are looking for tips on how to improve your pose, you can find information from some of the biggest and best known names in the field of bodybuilding.

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Subscribe today to enjoy access to every issue of the monthly magazine, delivered to your home, and also to enjoy any subscription discounts and offers that make a subscription an even better deal. Flex is read by competitive bodybuilders, including some of the biggest names in the field, and it includes content and tips from some of those names too.


The magazine is written for, and by, some of the best athletes in the sport, and it also includes extensive documented findings from gyms, clubs, and scientists. The magazine does not include information on fad diets, or false information on training tips, but it provides access to information that has been proven successful by those that actually use it.


Whether you’re in preparation, in training mode, or are in the midst of your latest competition, you can find information and guides to help you through every stage, and you can also read information on upcoming events, while browsing results from the most recently completed events.

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Flex magazine, published monthly, offers competitive and sports-related news from the bodybuilding world. It is read by top competition winners and athletes, and it includes extensive news and information from some of the best known names in the sport. Subscribe today, for yourself, or buy a subscription for a loved one that is serious about their bodybuilding.


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