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Future Music magazine is every month, and offers a combination of news, reviews, guides, and insights into the production of music. As well as concentrating on the technology, the magazine includes informative guides on the technique, providing the reader with access to interviews, top tips, and other content provided by some of the most successful and best known names in the music production industry.

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Subscribing to Future Music magazine ensures that you receive every single monthly issue, delivered directly to your door, and it also provides access to subscription discounts and special offer that other buyers are not privy to. Whether you are just starting out in the industry, or you are an experienced producer, the magazine contains insightful and beneficial information that can help you progress and keep you informed.


News stories found in the magazine cover every element of the music production industry. Find out who is making waves and who is regularly producing hits. Discover which companies are releasing new products, and which companies are struggling with sales. News stories also include information on the latest deals to hit the shelves, further ensuring that you can progress your music production.


Modern music production relies heavily on the latest technology and innovations. As well as desks and decks, you can read reviews on other production equipment, and even details of the latest apps and software that are designed to make production as easy, as innovative, and effective as possible. Make informed decisions before parting with your hard earned cash.

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A subscription to Future Music magazine means that you will receive every issue of the magazine delivered straight to your home. There’s no need to scour the shelves, and you can also benefit by enjoying access to special offers and subscription discounts that make the magazine even better value.


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