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Games TM magazine is a monthly gaming magazine that is geared primarily towards the burgeoning adult gamer crowd. It includes the usual array of previews and reviews, and it also includes informative and educated columns and features. It also covers a host of platforms, including all current gen and next gen consoles, PC, retro-gaming, and even app and tablet gaming. The magazine tends to offer greater insight into the industry behind the games, and has greater platform coverage than most other gaming magazines. It is also one of only a handful that appreciate the average gamer is no longer a schoolkid playing consoles in his bedroom.

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The way in which people play video games has evolved. No longer are gamers rooted to their computer chair or planted in front of the TV. What’s more, the time of platform exclusive titles also seems to have been reborn, and Games TM magazine truly embraces gaming on all platforms and in all forms, so you can read reviews of the most popular apps as well as some of the latest re-releases and reimagining of classic titles. There are also sections dedicated specifically to handheld consoles as well as to retro gaming so that the reader can truly get their fill of the content that interests them most.

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Games TM magazine is a high quality publication that is ideal for the discerning gamer. Whether you enjoy spending hours poring over strategy stats, or you’re a pick up and play app gamer, or you believe that both have their place, subscribing ensures that you never miss out on the latest gaming related news and information.


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