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Gardeners World Magazine

Gardeners’ World magazine is a monthly publication that is aimed at keen gardeners, providing seasonal information on the best plants, herbs, shrubs, and fruit and veg to plant, prune, and pick during the year. It also offers in-depth guides on some of the more popular plant varieties, and features regular articles and columns from celebrated gardeners including Alan Titchmarsh, Monty Don, and Carol Klein. Issues regularly include discounts on seeds and plants, while some issues also include free seeds and more.

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Plants And Planting Guides

Choosing the right plants for your garden not only means finding those that have the right look, but that will grow and flourish in your garden. Different plants react differently to certain types of soil, lighting conditions, and ambient temperatures. The magazine not only includes detailed plant guides, which provide detailed guides on when to plant and how to care for them, but you will find information on which plants are prone to slug infestation, whether a certain type of plant will grow in acidic soil, and which shrubs to choose for growing in shady or cold areas.

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Gardeners’ World magazine is a monthly publication that is aimed at the keen home gardener. It includes information on design, plants, and the general upkeep of your garden and plants. Subscribing means that you will never miss out on an issue of the magazine, with every monthly issue delivered directly to your door and enabling you to benefit from subscription discounts and offers.


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