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Gardens Illustrated Magazine

Gardens Illustrated Magazine is a monthly gardening magazine that combines high quality writing with stunning images to provide inspiration, guides, and news for keen gardeners. One regular section of the magazine provides details of what you should be doing in your garden that month, and you can be sure of finding some real-life examples of how to achieve exactly the look and style that you want from your garden, thanks to up-to-date information and reliable tips and guides.

The Magazine

By subscribing, you can ensure that you receive every issue of the magazine delivered directly to your door. You can keep on top of all aspects of your garden, ensure that you arenít forgetting to get out and prune or plant at the right time, and enjoy access to subscription discounts and special offers that you wonít receive if you buy the magazine from the shops.

Designers And Designs

The magazine content is written by, and photographed by, some of the best known and successful names in garden design. You can also see some of the most recently completed gardens, including formal and wild, and ranging from family gardens to formal, open gardens. The photos offer a great way to find inspiration for your own designs, while the plans and design details offer a means of recreating a similar look.

Plants And Guides

Getting the most from your garden means the right plants and, typically, also means planning every aspect in detail, while still allowing some freedom for last minute changes of heart. With the plant guides and monthly guides found in Gardens Illustrated magazine, you can ensure that you are armed with all of the essential information that you need to achieve the best looking garden possible, and to keep it that way.

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Subscribing to Gardens Illustration magazine means that every issue of the magazine will be delivered directly to your door. Access all of the professional guides, photos of existing gardens, and extra information that you need to create and maintain an appealing garden of your own.


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