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Geographical Magazine is a monthly publication from the Royal Geographical Society. It covers all aspects of geography, from news and articles on the planet around us to the people and its other inhabitants, as well as the environment. Typically, articles cover all of these aspects, in order to give a detailed report on the direct relationship that these have on one another. Stunning photography and insightful articles provide informative and educational content, ideal for those that work within the geographical industry, or for those with more than just a passing interest in the world around them.

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Even the best travelled individuals will never get anywhere close to seeing every country, or meeting even a small fraction of the population of the planet. With Geographical magazine, you donít need to travel to see the incredible natural sights, meet the people that populate them, or experience the natural world around them, because you will be privy to all of this information and much more inside every monthly issue of the magazine. Some issues of the magazine are based around a singular theme, for example climate change or poverty have both been covered in past issues, and these give a more rounded and unbiased opinion on these topics. Ideal for information gathering.

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As the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society, the publication includes masses of information on all aspects of geography. By subscribing to Geographical magazine, you can ensure that you never miss out on any of the informative content, and you can have every issue delivered to your home.


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