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Good Housekeeping Magazine

Good Housekeeping magazine is published monthly, and offers genuinely useful tips, information, and guides on all womenís lifestyle matters. Not only does it include articles on health and beauty, but also on fashion, cooking, decluttering the home, design, and more. The Tried and tested section is especially popular, not only offering reviews of items that are currently available, but giving the results of genuine testing performed by real people in genuine settings.

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Subscribing to Good Housekeeping means that you will receive every monthly issue of the magazine straight to your home, exactly where you will find the greatest benefit from its content. You can also enjoy a discount on the cover price, and access to special offers and other benefits.

Good Housekeeping Institute

The Good Housekeeping Institute is essentially a panel of people that test and try out some of the latest gadgets and products to hit the market. They are usually billed as being labour saving, innovative, or highly effective, but can you really tell whether this is the case before you buy the item and get it home? The Tried and Tested reviews in Good Housekeeping utilise reviewers and product testers from the Institute to answer exactly that question.


Gone are the days when schoolchildren learned how to budget their monthly financial needs, but Good Housekeeping offers tips and advice not only on how to make money go further, and how to get the most from special offers and deals, but also on how to ensure budgets work effectively and efficiently.

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Good Housekeeping magazine is a monthly publication that is aimed at housewives and women across the country. Subscribe today and you will receive every issue of the magazine delivered directly to your home, while also benefiting from subscription discounts and special offers that you donít receive when you buy the magazine from the shop.


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