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Good Woodworking Magazine

The monthly Good Woodworking magazine provides in-depth guides and instructional articles on how to craft attractive and functional pieces of furniture and other woodworking projects. It also reviews some of the machinery, tools, and accessories that keen woodworkers use in their projects, and offers product tests so that you can buy new items safe in the knowledge that they really do what they are supposed to.

The Magazine

By subscribing to the magazine, you can enjoy discounted prices and convenient delivery to your door. Build a collection of the magazine, enabling you to look back at projects that you might have otherwise missed out on, and develop the skills necessary to help complete all of the high quality and appealing projects in the magazine.


Every issue includes one or more project guides. While some of the guides are single part guides, with everything you need in a single issue, some of the more complicated guides provide a series of articles and instructions that run from one issue to the next, enabling you to make complex designs and incredible pieces of furniture.

Tests And Reviews

Whether you have a dedicated workshop, or you have adapted your shed or spare room so that you can use it to complete your woodworking projects, you should ensure that you have all the tools and products that you need. Good Woodworking not only reviews the tools and accessories that you will use to pursue your craft, but even the materials.

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Good Woodworking magazine is a monthly publication that provides everything from guides to reviews that are ideal for the woodworking hobbyist. Subscribe to ensure that you never miss out on a project, material guide, or product review again, and to enjoy access to subscription discounts and more.


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