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Guitar Techniques Magazine

Guitar Techniques magazine is a monthly publication for guitarists, but rather than reviewing every piece of equipment and announcing the launch of every new guitar, the magazine assumes that the reader has a stock of guitars and provides access to tutorials and guides on how to enhance playing ability. Every issue includes information on how to achieve, master, or improve specific techniques, and the techniques included in the magazine cover a huge range of genres from rock to blues and from jazz to classical. Even if you aren’t interested in playing all of these genres, some of the techniques that they rely on can be converted to other styles, giving you a much broader playing ability.

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Guitar Techniques magazine covers every conceivable genre of music and guitar, so whether you want to play better blues or improve your classical guitar, subscribing to the magazine will provide you with the instruction that you need to achieve the best possible results.


Regular features offer you the chance to “play like” a host of different accomplished guitarists, and provide “how to play” guides that teach you everything from the basics of chords to mastering fingerstyle blues. Fully enhance your playing ability with a subscription to the magazine.

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