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Guitarist Magazine

As the oldest published specialist guitar magazine in the UK, Guitarist magazine has a history of providing players with access to news and reviews, interviews with established and upcoming artists, and tips and tutorials designed to help you improve your playing ability and skill. The magazine covers both acoustic and electric guitars, and it offers features and tutorials covering both styles of guitar with the aim of improving every element of your playing, no matter what your preferred style of playing is.

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Enjoy the latest gear reviews, access to information on the latest guitar launches, and even information on apps and software that can be used for anything from tuning to recording. There’s no need to guess whether you’re buying the most suitable wah pedal, or the best practice amp, because you can make informed decisions after reading unbiased and honest reviews and comparisons.


Another major feature of the magazine is that it offers regular tutorials, tips, and guides. While some of these tutorials are designed to help you improve your playing, there are also those that give insight and information on how to make the most of effects pedals and other technical aspects associated with playing, recording, and even editing.

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