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Hi Fi News magazine is a monthly magazine for lovers of high quality audio sound. It includes details on the latest hi fi and audio equipment launches, as well as details of some of the biggest and most eagerly anticipated music releases.

The Magazine

Whether you want to find the best audio equipment to play your music on, or you like to keep up to date on the most recent vinyl, digital, or CD releases in a selection of genres, you can subscribe to the magazine, which not only affords you the benefit of savings on the cover price, but also means that every issue of the magazine will be delivered directly to your door ensuring that you, or the gift recipient if you are buying a subscription as a gift, will never miss out on the latest, high quality content that the magazine includes.


Hi Fi News includes reviews of audio equipment for the home, as well as stage based equipment, and it also offers reviews of some of the latest music to be released. The magazine includes reviews of everything from the latest vinyl releases to digital releases, and even includes reviews of items like network storage devices, which are essential to some music loversí setups.


Regular columns and features are also found inside the magazine, including those on achieving the best setup, which are the best items to buy in a particular line, and how to set your home system up to achieve exactly what you want it to do.

Hi Fi News Magazine Subscription

A Hi Fi News magazine subscription allows you to stay up to date with all the latest music and audio equipment releases. Alternatively, if you know somebody that is serious about listening to their favourite bands or releases, then a subscription can provide an ideal gift idea.


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