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Published every two months, History Scotland magazine is not only an ideal publication for those that study or even teach Scottish history, but for those that want to learn about the history and heritage of the country. Founded by the former Historiographer Royal, Professor Christopher Smout, the magazine is backed and produced by a team of skilled, professional writers that include leading names from the historical and archaeological industries. Topics cover all historical eras, ages, and branches of history, providing a well-rounded collection of features, and ensuring that the pages never become dull and boring.

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Expert Coverage

The magazine is curated by experts, utilising content written by leading names from their field of history and archaeology. You can read the latest theories and findings from some of the most significant periods of history, as well as those that periods that do not always garner the same level of coverage.

News, Events, Reviews, And More

From archaeological dig finds to the latest Scottish history book launch, or even TV series that have some basis of fact steeped in Scottish lore, you can find news, reviews, and regular features on anything that is related to the topic of Scottish history inside the pages of History Scotland magazine.

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