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InStyle Magazine

InStyle Magazine is a glossy fashion magazine that is published every month. Following the success of the US version of the magazine, the UK version was launched in 2001 and has grown in popularity ever since. The magazine concentrates on celebrity style and fashion, while offering tips on how readers can achieve a similar look as well as what is currently in fashion on red carpets and in exclusive celebrity hangouts. The fashion and lifestyle shoots utilise celebrities and stars, rather than models, making it the ideal read for any woman that wants to keep up with celebrity fashion and pull off similar red carpet looks to some of the biggest names in TV, film, sport, and celebrity.

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Celebrity Fashion And Style

InStyle magazine is a glossy magazine, and it is a fashion and style magazine, but rather than using models for photoshoots, it provides pictures of celebrities that are sporting unique as well as tried and tested styles. Whether you simply enjoy looking at what celebrities wear to all occasions, including when heading home from the gym as well as when they appear at awards ceremonies and premieres, or you want to emulate the style of your favourite celebrities, the magazine is a must read.

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