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Kent Life Magazine

The monthly Kent Life magazine is a glossy magazine that offers information, news, reviews, and guides to life in the beautiful county of Kent. Whether you are an occasional visitor, a regular staying in the county, or you are fortunate enough to live there, you can find details on the best places to visit, some of the most popular places to stay, and the food, drink, and events and entertainment that can be found over the course of the month.

The Magazine

As well as high quality written content, the magazine is also jammed full of high quality photos, and as well as news and guides, you can also find editorials and features too. Subscribe to ensure you donít miss out on any of the appealing and beneficial articles inside the magazine, and to build up a collection of magazines that can be used for reference when looking for information about the county, including what to do and where to do it.

Places To Go And Things To Do

Kent Life magazine is an excellent resources if you are looking for information on some of the best venues and locations to visit, or if you are looking for things to do. Even if you live in the area, it is unlikely that you know of all the best restaurants or the best nights out, never mind one off or occasional events that may not enjoy the level of publicity that regular events do. Kent Life highlights and details all of these so that you can still enjoy them, even if you are only visiting the county as a one off.

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A Kent Life subscription is an ideal way to ensure that you get the most from one of the most beautiful and impressive counties. Receive every issue to your door as soon as you subscribe.


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