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Lucky Seven Crossword Collection Magazine

Lucky Seven Crossword Collection magazine is published monthly and contains more than 130 pages of mega crosswords with simple solutions. Although most of the puzzles are mega puzzles, there are also a number of anagram and even the occasional logic puzzle for readers to solve, and there is a mega prize crossword in every monthly publication, which has a prize of £1,500. The crosswords are published in large print, which means that you donít have to strain to be able to read the clues or struggle to write the answers in the grid, and the sheer size of the magazine means that it will keep you busy through lunch hours, on the bus, and right until the next issue of the monthly puzzler is available.

The Magazine

By subscribing, you donít even need to hunt the magazine down in local shops or newsagents. Every issue is delivered directly to your door, or if you know somebody that is crazy about crosswords and potty about puzzles, then you can buy a subscription as a gift idea for the recipient.

The Puzzles

The puzzles are basic crosswords, so no infuriating and often seemingly nonsensical cryptic clues. There are a few anagram and general knowledge quizzes, but the vast majority of the 132 page magazine is filled with large print, mega crosswords. These are easy to read, so ideal even for those with poor eyesight, and the grid is easy to complete so can be used by people with poor or failing fine motor skills. There is also a £1,500 prize crossword in every issue of the magazine.

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Whether you want to keep your brain active, and enjoy a daily challenge, or you fancy your chance sat picking up the £1,500 prize, subscribe to Lucky Seven Crossword Collection and ensure that you never miss an issue again.


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