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Metal Hammer Magazine

Metal Hammer is a monthly music magazine that is dedicated to bringing all the relevant news, reviews, and information on heavy metal music to fans. It includes details and reviews of the latest releases, as well as interviews and profiles of some of the biggest names in metal. Whether you love classics like AC/DC or you prefer to discover new bands that youíve never listened to before, you will find relevant and timely information inside the covers of Metal Hammer that will help you to keep it heavy.

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One of the most popular sections of the magazine is the reviews section, which not only reviews the latest single releases, but covers every album, DVD, and even live shows so that you can buy in total confidence, knowing whether you will enjoy your purchase.


You can also read the latest heavy metal charts, and you can read features on heavy metal and alternative metal stars, what their plans are, which bands are reforming for world tours, and all other information that is relevant to the heavy metal fan. If you love heavy metal of any type, then you will enjoy reading Metal Hammer magazine.

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