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Model Engineers Workshop Magazine

Model Engineer’s Workshop Magazine is a monthly publication for the hobbyist that is serious about engineering their own model collection, and it features a wide range of pieces and articles on all topics ranging from reviews of the machinery and tools that you will need to use, to interviews with some of the most successful model engineers. There are guides and tips to help you enjoy the best looking finish, and there are also tips and articles on how to set up a workshop.

The Magazine

Whether you are new to the model engineering game, and are looking to establish your first workshop, or you are an experienced workshopper that wants to access details of the latest machinery, tools, and product releases, subscribing to the magazine will ensure that you have access to all of the information found in every issue.

The Workshop

The workshop in which you build your creations is obviously important to how successful they are and how good they look. Model Engineer’s Workshop provides guides and tutorials on setting up the perfect workshop, so that you can get the perfect setup for you.

Machinery, Tools, Accessories

Of course, no workshop is complete without the appropriate machinery, tools, and other accessories to help with your engineering hobby. Read news stories and launch details, reviews and even guides on the latest equipment that you can buy for your engineer’s workshop.

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If you love to tinker and create or fix your own models, then a Model Engineer’s Workshop magazine subscription is the ideal choice for you. Alternatively, if you know somebody that is never out of their workshop or always talking about how they want their own model workshop, then gifting them a subscription is a great way to provide them with a gift you know they’ll truly love.


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