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Motor Boat And Yachting Magazine

Published monthly, Motor Boat and Yachting magazine is dedicated to the provision of news, reviews, and information on some of the most popular and most expensive motor boats and yachts available. As well as being able to review the vessels that interest you most, you can also read maritime and general boating news, read reviews of some of the latest yachting and boating equipment, and you can read news, reviews, and results from the biggest events to take place.

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Whether you already own a boat, are looking to buy one, or you simply enjoy reading about them, subscribing to Motor Boat and Yachting means that you can ensure you receive every high quality article and see every high resolution image of some of the best and the most appealing boats in the world. You can also enjoy discounted prices, compared to the cover price of the magazine, and enjoy the convenience of having the magazine delivered directly to your door.


The news found inside every monthly magazine not only covers news relating to the boats and yachts themselves, but also to general maritime and shipping news from around the globe. Read about manufacturers, events that take place all over, and general interest pieces related to the world of yachting.


Many people subscribe to the magazine in order to enjoy access to the regular reviews that are written by experienced boat owners and sailors. You can also read reviews of the accessories, the clothing, and any other gear and equipment, that is regularly used by yacht owners.

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Whether you want to make a well informed decision on which boat to buy, or you want to catch up on the latest, relevant news, a Motor Boat and Yachting magazine subscription ensures that you never miss out on the latest news and information.


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