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Natural Health Magazine

Natural Health magazine is a monthly publication that is compiled and researched by leading holistic health and nutritionist experts, designed to offer readers a cleaner and clearer path to a health mind, healthy body, and healthy soul. It offers regular columns, as well as features and guides, on topics ranging from nutrition to digestion and from pain relief to improved digestion. Techniques include yoga, a guide to general exercise, and detox diets.

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By subscribing, you can follow the guidelines in the magazine to help ensure that you are living healthily, and that you can achieve the results you want from your everyday life. Build up a library of yoga techniques, gather a cookbook of healthy and nutritional meals, and create a regimen of healthy exercise to improve your all-round health. Alternatively, buy a subscription as a gift idea for somebody that wants to live more healthy and that is close to you.


What we eat and drink is essential to our everyday health. Not only is it important that we eat a well balanced diet to enjoy the positive benefits, but we should avoid eating processed foods, and foods that are filled with toxins and unhealthy ingredients. Natural Health offers nutritional guides and features, as well as diet plans and recipes for you to follow every month.



Yoga is a popular holistic remedy because it not only helps to increase the suppleness of our bodies, therefore even reducing stiffness and aches and pains, but it also helps to centre and calm the mind, improving many aspects of daily life. Read about techniques, moves from beginner through to advanced, and practice guides in Natural Health magazine.

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