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NME magazine is primarily a music magazine that brings interviews with some of the names behind the songs that you love, but it has also expanded to include other popular culture news. Read reviews of the big films, TV shows, and even stand-up tours inside every weekly issue of the popular and well-known magazine. If you want to know which album to buy, which tracks to download, which films to go and watch, or even which radio station to tune in to, then NME magazine provides all of this information and much more.

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Subscribe to NME magazine and you won’t need to find the magazine at your local newsagent or head to a specialist magazine store. The publication will be delivered to your address every Friday, and subscribing also means that you save money compared to paying the full cover price of the magazine.


The primary focus of the New Music Express (NME) Magazine has always been on the music, and while the publication has expanded to include more reviews and news from the world of cinema, TV, and other cultural topics, music is still the main focus. Read reviews of the latest releases, interviews with the stars, and details of tours as wll as news from the bans and musicians.


You can also read about the radio and TV shows that play the music, their presenters, and the films and TV shows that are associated with music and music listeners. The magazine has started to include a greater variety of topics and, in the eyes of many, benefits as a result of this expansion.

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