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Octane Magazine

Octane magazine is a monthly classic and performance car magazine that includes renovation projects and details, pictures and descriptions of some of the latest projects undertaken on classic cars, and details of some of the most prestigious and most luxurious of luxury cars. Whether you enjoy buying a wreck to restore its potential, you enjoy taking classics out on track days, or you enjoy driving a pristine conditions sports car, and whether your preference is for Bugati, Porsche, or any other luxury model, you can read all about your hobby and interests in Octane Magazine.

The Magazine

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Restoration And Projects

Restoring classics and luxury sports cars not only offers a potentially more affordable way to buy a classic, but it also gives the sense of achievement and much greater enjoyment from the car once it is finished. Octane magazine offers regular project and restoration details that allow you to build up a library, master the required skills, and even follow along with your own project.

Articles And Features

The magazine also offers regular features and commentary, that include details on some of the remarkable finds that people have made, events and exhibitions that are due to take place, and other topics related to sports and classic cars.

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Octane Magazine is Published by: Dennis Publishing
Address: 30 Cleveland Street

Telephone Number: 020 7907 6000
Fax Number: 020 7907 6020
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