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Olive Magazine is a monthly publication that is filled with news, articles, and recipes, as well as travel and restaurant reviews. The magazine also offers wine reviews, and as well as simply telling you which bottles to buy, or which food to cook, it offers guides on how to choose the best and what to look for. The link between food and travel is a clear one for many people, and a lot of people choose where to travel according to the food and drink that they will be able to enjoy when they arrive. If you are one of those people, or you simply enjoy both travelling for holidays and eating great tasting food while youíre at home, then Olive Magazine is the read for you.

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Subscribe and you will receive every recipe, every travel guide, and every article delivered through your door as soon as the magazine is published. You donít have to head to the newsagent to find it, you can conduct research on where you intend to spend your next holiday, and you can build a library of recipes for great tasting food as well as a list of some of the best and most enjoyable wines and drinks on the market.


The primary focus of Olive magazine, and the topic that most pages cover, is that of cookery and food. You will find some of the greatest recipes, some of the best food, and even some of the best places to go and enjoy food both in the UK and abroad, when you read Olive.

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Subscribe to Olive Magazine and you wonít need to miss out on any of the recipes or reviews, and you will be able to find new dishes to cook and new places to eat every month when the magazine is delivered to your door.


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