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Slimming World Magazine

Slimming World magazine is a glossy magazine published by Slimming World, one of the country’s leading weight-loss programmes. As well as being available from your regular Slimming World meetings, it is also distributed through newsagents, specialist magazine shops, and can be bought on subscription. A subscription not only ensures that you never miss an issue of the magazine, which is published seven times a year, but it means that it will be delivered directly to your door as soon as it is available, and usually sooner than you could pick it up in the shops.


One of the challenges of any diet, is finding a good variety of dishes and food that you actually enjoy and that will ensure that you are fuller for longer. Eating the same food every meal is likely to leave you disappointed, while forcing yourself to eat food that you don’t really enjoy means that you will be left snacking on unhealthy and potentially diet destroying foods. Slimming World includes a variety of healthy and low-calories recipes for you to fill your food calendar with.

Real Life Inspiration

One of the greatest ways to ensure that you stick to your diet, and ensure that you know what you are aiming for, is by following the success of others. Inside the Slimming World magazine you will find real life success stories from others that have followed the diet, and that have lost weight. You can read about how much weight they’ve lost, how much healthier they feel, and how they did it by following the same plan as you have signed up to.

Fashion And More

Losing weight can help you to feel healthier, but it is also a great way to give body confidence. Many men and women go on a diet so that they look better, rather than to improve their health, and the Slimming World magazine includes features that highlight these changes, as well as the physical weight loss. See some of the best looking outfits, and read inspiring tips on how you can look your best, whatever stage of the diet your are on.

M For Men

It isn’t just women that want to lose weight, and there is an increasing number of men that are counting their calories, and watching the levels of fat that they eat. Much of the magazine is dedicated to general weight loss, with some sections more geared towards women, but Slimming World also provides a specialist “M” for Men section, which gives diet plans and even fashion tips to those men that are a part of the Slimming World program. Men do have different dietary and calorific requirements to women, and the magazine highlights these differences, so that it can be read and enjoyed by people of all genders.

Slimming World Subscription

By subscribing to Slimming World, you can enjoy seven issues of the magazine delivered directly to your door throughout the year. Enjoy the recipes, the fashion guides, and the specialist section for men that are following the diet, and enjoy it all at a discount when compared to the shelf price of the magazine.


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