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For 15 years Stuff magazine has been keeping our 3 million readers in 27 countries up to date with a mix of gadgets, gear and tech. Rammed to the virtual rafters with the coolest kit smartphones, tablets, sat navs, laptops, cameras and more, with every technology change in the last decade predicted, documented and explained you wont want to miss an issue and get behind on the latest trends. Flick through the 150 pages in each issue and find great sections like Hot Stuff 20 pages of the biggest stories from planet tech and our Top 10 of everything countdown from TVs to tablets. When you take out a Stuff magazine subscription, not only do you save money on the shop price, youll also never miss a copy as every issue is delivered direct to your door. Split the cost of your subscription with bite sized direct debit payments and ensure that you receive every gear packed issue.60bShould you wish to cancel your subscription it will be cancelled on expiry of the current term which will not be refundable, other than in exceptional circumstances.60b

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